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GY6 Curea (729*18*30)

GY6 Curea  (729*18*30)
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Preţ: 25,00RON 20,00RON
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Model: MIGY80-4037
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729 (First number in the series) = The length of the belt in millimeters.
18 (Second number in the series) = The width of the belt in millimeters.
30 (Third number in the series) = The angle of the teeth on the belt.

729-17.7-30 scooter CVT belt, sometimes known as 729-18-30. Typically used on a variety of 4-stroke, GY6 engine scooter brands.

Note: Please make sure this scooter engine part fits your particular scooter model. Many scooters have the same name but use different engine parts depending on the year of manufacture.

Packing Size: 37.5*31*40

QTY/CTN: 100Pcs

Weight: 12.00Kg

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